The Passionate Lion was created for the people of todays world who are passionate about living. the labels aesthetic is at the intersection of couture fashion and global street wear. growing up in the midwest is what tamara attributes her Eclectic nature to. because nebraska is in the middle of the country, they have access to and are influenced by all surrounding areas. and when you combine the different cultures and trends all into one aesthetic, an eclectic sometimes street sometimes chic vibration is what you're going to get. the label’s second but just as impactful inspiration is the personal style of everyday people living and working in the streets of New York city. the 'coolness' of soho) + The flamboyance & freshness of uptown harlem, and the rich personal style of international travelers.the label uses its platform of fashion and style, to promote personal elevation, social consciousness, and freedom of the mind. there are certain elements of life that inspire us to do epic shit...the passionate lion aspires to be one of them.

the passionate lion green label is a collection of sustainable fashion made from upcycled clothing.