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No man is an island entire of itself...every man is a piece of the continent..a part of the main.
-John Donne


surah drummer..Logo Design, visual consultation

...Surah is a graphic design graduate of the Art Institute of New York City and user experience design graduate of General Assembly New York City. Surah can be contacted for visual design at  wEb:


lady scientist..Photographer, Wardrobe Styling, Creative Consultation

...Lady Scientist is a Midwestern based creative extroidinaire, with a focus on singing + songwriting, MC + DJ, photography, and wardrobe styling. Lady Scientist shot our current look book titled 'Awakening'. Please contact her for creative services



dominic walker..technical support

...Dominic is a Midwestern | East Coast based IT professional with 15 years experience in his field. Dominic is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a double bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and Child Psychology. Please contact Dominic for IT consultation

pH: 402.401.4188  eM:  


nyakuan daniel..Model

...I first saw the South Sudanese born bombshell at a local drugstore. She was behind the counter when i walked in, with a big, bright beaming smile. Her name...Nyakuan...when we spoke she was kind and confident, and  I knew she would be the face of our Awakening campaign. Although it was Nyakuan's first time in front of the camera..Lady Scientist brought her to a place where she felt uninhibited, and we were able to capture the essence of her beauty reveling in that freedom. Nyakuan is a Minnesota based model and can be contacted for bookings

pH: 507.412.0569  eM:



 erick Uncool…photographer

. . .erick is aphotographer + videndi ographer


. . .brandi is a midwestern based model