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It all started when...

I was a little girl growing up in Omaha Nebraska. Living on the Northside, ridden with gang violence, drugs, and sisters and I would often retreat to a nearby park... Miller Park. We spent most of our free time here either swimming at the pool, playing in the sand or walking to meet up with friends. There was a certain freedom I remember from just being outside in the open space of nature. A freedom from those confining walls..a return to our origin..nature..Earth..inhaling the fresh Nebraska air, hearing the trees sway in the was an escape for me. 

Green Label is a collection, brought to you by The Passionate Lion, born out of the idealistic view that we don't need to destroy the Earth to create and consume fashion. All pieces from Green Label are specialty, custom, and handmade using re purposed clothing and a variety of processes, trims, and adornments used to create a new piece of wearable art. Otherwise, the above mentioned materials would just sit in a landfill with the other 11 million tons of clothing that the US alone consumes yearly...taking up the surfaces of Mother Earth.

We encourage ethical consumption of fashion through the practices of re purposing, handing down, or donating to local charities. 10% of all proceeds from Green Label are delegated to our non profit organization, The Passionate Lion Channel Love, which has initiatives in place to help stop the clothing consumption crisis.